I’ve had a long standing policy of not interfering unless are children are actually in danger. It has worked out well so far, since they have figured out how to communicate clearly.

This is between children.

What is bad communciation is when it is not appropriate. You would not teach your daughter to tell the kid, “No thank you.”

I hate that.

I saw it a lot with toddlers where one child hits another, the victim is taught to say, “No thank you,” as though the aggressor offered him a cookie. I say, say “No” or “I don’t like that” or whatever in a strong voice, but don’t thank the offender.

They haven’t done anything nice.

I have seen some incidents where other parents react to other peoples kids.

I don’t think a rise should be given out of either parties parents. I feel it horrible to berade a parent while their child is watching. Also the people yelling at the other parent in front of their kid.

Horible to watch and see the reaction of their kids afterwards. I think to watch your childs reaction to the issue. Then give a corrective response for the child to work on next time. Because there always is a next time. I feel that kids need to learn how to react on their own.

Not based on someone elses reaction to the problem. If there is a need I think there should be a calm confrontation to the other childs parents about their child. Not to the child that is causing the problem because maybe that child could be scarred forever from confrontation.

Adults can be intimidating to children.

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