I know a lot of women who are currently pregnant, or they have recently given birth to a child.

Well, I am not invited to every baby shower. Nor does every mother get the opportunity to have one. But if I am not invited to a baby shower, yet I want to give a gift I try to make it meaningful.

No, not pottery!

Personally, I love to give a huge Amazon gift card over any other gift, and I enjoy making gifts, just not for new mothers! Parents-to-be spend tons of time researching for a reason, so it’s always tough to buy anything other than clothes without guidance from a place like Amazon. This way, they can buy what they need with the gift card.

I know that this is the whole purpose of the baby shower, but as I said, I am not invited to every baby shower. Nor would I be able to attend.

Still if this can be avoided I will, since people of parents spend time putting a registry together. Most people keep their registry public and it might be easy to find. You can check all the main sights (Amazon, Target, Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby, Wal-Mart, etc) just by searching the registry part with her name.

Or, by, heaven forbid simply asking. I have a few out of state co workers and they flat out just said “tell me where you are registered!”. Otherwise, I say gift card with a nice card with a personal note (email) from everyone.

While a gift card may not be as exciting for you to buy, it’s awesome to have as a new mom so you can get those practical things that weren’t purchased from your registry, or those items that you didn’t even know you’d need until you need them!

Besides as a new parent you always need more diapers.

I will also usually gift the mom a hospital care bag – pack of hair ties, dry shampoo, no-slip socks, pack of quarters for the dad to use in vending machines, etc. Nothing, too, expensive.

Each one is different but I buy a cute makeup bag and fill it depending on what I think that mom will need.

So far I know every single mom has used it! I gift this along with something from the registry for baby so it feels more like a thoughtful thing

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