Learning how to throw simple forms will give you a lot more of a skill to build from. Some people like to try and make modls when they first start out, but even when I first started out on my old beater kick wheel and I could already knock out something like a pint glass pretty consistently in about 10 minutes.

I could probably turn them out faster than I could turn over a single slip mold

The nice thing about practice is that you will also end up with a pile of bowls and cups as you’re learning that take glaze just as well as a pint glass.

A nice wheel takes a little bit to get going but it will spin for days once it’s there then it’s just going to be the nature of that wheel.

If it takes a lot to get it going and it stops in less than a couple minutes then it’s probably that the bearings are shot and need replacing. My wheel has sealed bearings (no way to add grease) and are original equipment from I’m assuming sometime in the 50s or 60s.

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