Some poeple love pottery so much they will do it in very small spaces. Apartments for example. But is this reasonable?

The recycling process can be very simple.

Slack it all down(soak in water and it breaks down into sludge) and then lay that sludge out to dry. I go for about 1.5 inches thick and smooth it out on plaster boards. No fan or anything on them, outside on the patio or in front of a window of it’s sunny. The plaster boards are about 18x18x2 inches and I raise them up on two pieces of wood so that the air circulates all around. This is important because the plaster sucks up the water and has to have a way to get rid of it too. Your carpet is not where you want it. When it’s very plastic it will roll right up into a bumpy log full of air bubbles. From here you can wedge it back into a usable consistency. In a rush I also have a light I got from Lowe’s that pumps out heat and hangs above it. I use this to dry my pieces sometimes as well though I hang it much further away.

You can wedge on a plaster slab, wedge on the wheel or even on a piece of smooth wood. I prefer wedging on plaster covered with a canvas cloth but cloth holds clay dust well so I mostly wedge the first 80% of it on a big piece of wood and the rest on the wheel as I cone up and down.

I know a potter who had her pottery studio in her apartment.

It can get messy and requires a lot of cleaning everyday. Yup, everyday. Otherwise the dust goes everywhere. She even had a kiln and stuff and it was no problem at all.

We would let the used clay settle down at the bottom of buckets and throw the water in the sink. The clay we would let dry and throw away in regular trash. When we were glazing, all doors were closed, everything covered and we were using masks, but we were using a spray gun. If you just dip, that would be easier. If you wanted a kiln, that’s another story but if you just want to make the things and fire them elsewhere, I don’t see why there should be any problems.

Just consider that carrying your greenware to a different place will probably lead to some breakage along the way.

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